EU Mobility Package                                                                                                                                                                               08-02-2022


The next phase of the EU Mobility package will be introduced on 2 February, and this will have major changes as a result.
We at Tricolore embrace this common EU desire for improved conditions for drivers, as well as providing relevant authorities with a better control tool. 

The changes will contain:

  • Harmonization of wages depending on which country you are staying in and introduction of minimum wages. Gives the driver the social conditions, working and employment conditions as the country he drives in.
  • Return Journey for all vehicles to the country of registration every 8 week.
  • Manuel registration in IMI Central system for all carbotage.
  • Current cabotage rules are tightened with, for example, the introduction of a "Cool down" of 4 days.
  • Stricter documentation requirements for hauliers regarding salary and registration in a central register in the EU.

In addition to this, several countries have made tax changes for drivers so that the cost to hauliers increases considerably.

On the basis of the above factors, Tricolore A / S introduces the following "Road package supplement" as of 14.02.2022:

Transports between Denmark / Germany & the Continent:     9.0%
Transports between Denmark & ​​the Nordic countries:            12.0%


The cost trend is currently fraught with great uncertainty and financial consequences, Tricolore will therefore study and follow the developments closely. We reserve the right to adjust this surcharge with a very short notice. 


If any questions, signer or your daily contact is available for more information.


Søren Vejlgaard

Head of Sales


+45 73 67 44 08



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