historien bag Hansen & Søn - Tricolore

The history of Hansen & Søn A/S – Tricolore dates back to 1916 when Niels Peter Hansen founded the haulage firm N.P. Hansen in Rødkærsbro. In the beginning all transports were carried out with horse-drawn carriages and it was hard physical work.

The transport tasks were typically delivery of coal, turf, sand, gravel, grain and animal feed. In 1928 N.P. Hansen acquired his first truck, and from that day a new era of the haulage firm had begun.

In the beginning of the 1940es N.P. Hansen’s son Osvald Hansen entered the firm, and its name was changed to N.P. Hansen & Søn I/S. Osvalds’ background as a mechanic was very useful during the war when the trucks had to be driven by gas generator due to lack of fuel.

In the year 1976 the third generation – today’s owner Hardy Hansen -joined the firm. Hardy Hansen had completed his apprenticeship as a forwarding agent at Leman in Aarhus, and when he joined the firm, they started counting on transports abroad.

1978 the company moved to the present premises in Padborg. From then on the company focussed on transports going southwards. Furthermore the company name was changed to Hansen & Søn I/S.

All these years the company was characterized by being a haulage firm, but in the year 1983 Hardy Hansen, together with two other employees, established the forwarding company Tricolore Transport.

The intention with the forwarding agency was to specialise in transports to and from France, while the haulage firm continued to do haulage. 

2004 the fourth generation personified by Henrik Hansen entered the business. His education and experience in the logistics area caused Tricolore to start focussing on warehousing and logistics solutions for the customers in the beginning of the new century. In 2008, this resulted in establishment of a high-rise storage with shelves, narrow isle pallet trucks with EDI and Barcode Management.

On January 1, 2011 the company changed from being a partnership to a stock company.