At Tricolore we are honoured to carry out transportation and logistics of high quality. Therefore we have decided to submit to a number of regulations to ensure that we meet the quality requirements mentioned below.

Tricolore is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard - a quality management system which determines international regulations regarding quality management and quality standards. 

In addition, we are AEO certified. AEO certification is recognized globally as a quality mark, indicating that our role in the international supply chain is secure, that our standards, processes and procedures are effective, and that we are a reliable business partner.

All goods are submitted to the quality requirements the moment we take over. This ensures the customer the following:

  • Current quality surveillance through responsible employees
  • Homogeneous performances and a high service level
  • Observance of terms of delivery, specifications and statutory provisions 
  • Always quick information about the actual position of the goods
  • Preventing errors all the way through the entire forwarding and  transport process
  • Low damage rate
  • Fast and efficient processing in case of accidents or damaging
  • Registration of damages and planning of preventing and correcting   actions.