Tricolore disposes of more than 80,000 m2 warehouse space, and we offer our customers good storage facilities. Our warehouse is, among other things, licensed for storage of food products, ecological food products, animal feed, regular industrial goods and dangerous goods. In the warehouse we offer different service like for example pick & pack, labelling, foiling, palleting, sorting, shortening.

Tricolore offers the following warehouse facilities:

  • 80,000 m2 frost-protected warehouse with 98 lock gates
  • 47,000 m2 fenced, lit up space 
  • Safeguard by Securitas – access only through coded doors 
  • Covered reloading facilities 
  • Short time or long time warehousing 
  • The warehouses are divided by product groups 

We turn your fixed costs variable!

Food products / ecological food products 

We offer

  • Warehouses that have been licensed by the Danish

     Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries

  • Batch management
  • Shelf life management
  • Self control according to ISO certification

ADR - dangerous goods 

We offer

  • Warehouses that have been licensed for storage of ADR
  • Batch management
  • Management of ADR documents
  • Competent ADR Adviser: Bureau Veritas

Industrial goods 

We offer

  • Modern and covered reloading facilities
  • Handling of bulky goods 
  • Batch management / barcode management / location management 
  • Repacking / Labelling of goods / emptying containers


Regular floor warehouse

We offer

  •      Batch management / barcode management / location    management / block storage 


We offer

  •  Batch management / barcode management / location   management 
  •  43,902 pallet spaces in storage racks